The Scavenger Hunt

To register a team for the Scavenger Hunt, please e-mail with your team name and the name of your team members!

The Aim:

The goal of the scavenger hunt is to collect as many items as possible from the list of 40 items included below. Find these items and bring them to Toronto (or find them in Toronto...?), and at the appropriate time, put them on display for our jury (which may include at least one of our very special guests), who will determine the winners. It's that simple... or is it? Creativity will definitely be rewarded! Prizes will be handed out to the winner (or winners!). Good hunting!

The Rules:

  • One point will be awarded per item (plus bonus points as applicable)
  • Contestants may enter as individuals or as a team (please register in advance by e-mailing your team name and the name of your team members to
  • Maximum of three people per team
  • The jury reserves the right to award bonus points for authenticity, quality, creativity, originality... as they see fit!
  • The jury reserves the right to award honourable mentions
  • Please address any questions to

Your challenge is to gather the following items:

  1. Benton Fraser’s CV/Resume
  2. Shoe, with a hole in it
  3. Wallet Bonus if tied to underwear
  4. Boxing gloves
  5. Corsage
  6. Meatloaf sandwich
  7. Picnic basket
  8. Fortune cookie
  9. Handcuffs
  10. Composite sketch Bonus for Fraser in drag
  11. A puffin face
  12. An Inuit story
  13. Straightjacket
  14. Elf costume
  15. Book on Currency Watermarks
  16. Chicago Bus Map Route 9
  17. Tam O-Shanter for a Dog Bonus if knitted
  18. Pitch pipe
  19. Bindlestitch
  20. Flight Manual for a light aircraft bonus for a Sopwith Camel
  21. Paper bag and a pointed stick
  22. Origami Raven
  23. Leather Chaps
  24. Ray’s Lucky Sunglasses
  25. Toy Bus (No 28)
  26. Mexican Poncho bonus if it’s a double
  27. Telescope and sextant
  28. “How to Become a Canadian” Leaflet
  29. Gullivers Travels
  30. Loonie on a Chain
  31. Ticket to the Ballet
  32. Dave Clark 5 Memorabilia
  33. Book on Canadian Impressionism
  34. Neat’s-Foot-Oil
  35. A treasure map
  36. Waterproof matches
  37. A pink flamingo
  38. A Country and Western Song must be about a train, a pickup and a donkey bonus if you write it yourself
  39. Michelangelo's David
  40. Toy husky

Want a PDF copy of the item list to use as a checklist? Click here!

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