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Given the great success of, and attendee satisfaction with, RCW 139: Toronto Holiday in August 2008, we don't intend to change anything too radically! We do intend, however, to bring in some new events, new content, and hopefully, new guests and new attendees. Here's what you can expect:

  • Dinner and Walkabout the Distillery District - An event for early arrivals! The Distillery District is a beautiful area of Toronto. Many Due South episodes were filmed there, including parts of The Blue Line, Bird in the Hand, Victoria's Secret, and Gift of the Wheelman. If you attended our bus tour last year, you didn't get to go there, as it is mostly now a pedestrian mall. The plan is to go for a walk and have dinner in one of the many nice restaurants. Note that the cost of your meal is not included in the convention fee. Advance sign-up is required, by sending an e-mail to walkabout@rcw139.org. Please indicate the number of attendees. Please see the home page for full details concerning this event.

  • Due South Jeopardy! - A team "Jeopardy!" quiz-game. Think you're the most knowledgeable Dueser out there? Many would like to make this claim, and this will be your opportunity to prove it. Guaranteed laughs. And prizes will be awarded!

  • Scavenger Hunt - This one was a huge success last year! A list of Due South-related items will be posted one month prior to the convention. Find these items and bring them to Toronto, and at the appropriate time, put them on display for our jury (which may include at least one of our very special guests), who will determine the winners. It's that simple... or is it? Wait until you see the list! Creativity will definitely be rewarded!

  • Due South Episode Viewing - Watch some of your favourite Due South episodes on the big screen, in the company of other Duesers.

  • RCMP Panel - Your chance to meet a real Mountie, and to learn about the RCMP. Terry Russel has been invited again!

  • Stunt Panel - Stunt coordinator Ken Quinn and stuntman Kevin Rushton have both indicated their interest in attending RCW 139! Expect some great stories, maybe a demonstration, and who knows... perhaps some exclusive stunt footage?

  • Kitkat Tasting Contest - Held at every RCW! Paul Gross has stated that Kitkat was his favourite chocolate bar. Well, here's your chance to sample the different Kitkat flavours from around the world... and pick your favourite. Previous winners have included orange Kitkat from the United Kingdom... or was that mint? (and we guarantee not to hold this event at 11 PM this year!)

  • Breakfast at the Patrician Grill - A group breakfast at this most famous of diners. Terry, the owner, has promised to entertain us with tales from Due South filming at the diner. Note that the cost of your meal ($10-$15 per person) is not included. Advance sign-up is required and space may be limited! Sign up by sending an e-mail to breakfast@rcw139.org. Please indicate the number of attendees.

  • "Name That Tune" Game - Do we really need to describe this one?

  • Swing Both Rays" Dialogue Game - The Swing Both Rays Dialogue Bee will run under the same general rules as a spelling bee, but with questions about Ray dialogue.  Do you really know your Rays?

  • Guest Panels - Question & answer sessions with our distinguished guests. Subject to guest commitments, naturally. Autographs are a likely possibility!

  • PG-L Panel - Once again this year, the Paul Gross List (PG-L) will be holding an event. The PG-L event will be a searching type game, where groups are given clues which they have to match to movie posters/screen captures placed around the room. The team to solve all the clues within the shortest time the group will win a prize... Everyone is welcome (you don't have to be a member of the PG-L!)

  • Charity Auction - In the tradition of past RCW 139 conventions, a charity auction will be held. Expect some unique Due South and guest-related items. All proceeds will go to charity (specific charities to be identified through discussions with our guests).

  • Meet and Greet - The first formal get-together of the convention, yummy snacks and drinks will be provided. Similar to last year, we're also hoping to have attendance by some of the guests. Separately ticketed event.

  • Gala Dinner - The sixth RCW 139 gala dinner! A chance to dress up, a formal dinner in a special setting. This will include the 2nd RCW 139 group picture! Please consult the Gala Dinner page for more details. Separately ticketed event.

Have suggestions for other events? Want to help run these events? Send an e-mail to info@rcw139.org! Please note, once again, that the events and the schedule may change based upon availability and commitments.

Naturally, just as important as the official events are the unscheduled, impromptu gatherings, room parties, dinners, and meetings with new or old friends...

Preliminary Schedule for RCW 139: Duesers' Day Off

Day 0 (Thursday August 12th)

5:30 PM: Dinner and Walkabout the Distillery District (departing the Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville at 5 PM)

Day 1 (Friday August 13th)

8:30 AM - 10 AM: Registration

10 AM: Welcome and RCW 139 opening

10 AM+: Morning/Afternoon session

5-7 PM: Meet & Greet

8:30 PM - 10:30 PM: Special Guest - Jay Semko

Day 2 (Saturday August 14th)

9 AM - 12 noon: Breakfast at the Patrician Grill

12 noon - 5:30 PM: Guest Panels, Scavenger Hunt Judging

7 PM - 11 PM: Gala Dinner

Day 3 (Sunday August 15th)

9 AM - 11 AM: PG-L event

11 AM - 1 PM: Charity Auction

1 PM - 5 PM: Special Guests, Due South Jeopardy!

RCMP Veterans' Association Canteen:

The 'Canteen' offer you specially chosen memorabilia of Canada's famous Mounties. All items are approved by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police through the Mounted Police Foundation. Customers worldwide acclaim this merchandise collection for its high quality, reasonable pricing, and most importantly Canadian-design. Royalty from each item has already been collected by the Mounted Police Foundation and used across Canada in such activities as Drug Awareness Programs, 'Say No to Drugs, and Community Youth Development. In addition, 10% of all profits will be donated to a charity selected by RCW 139.

The Due South Trading Post - www.duesouth.ca :

Merchandise at the Trading Post will include Due South CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, jackets, and other souvenirs. In addition, you will find some exclusive items that are not available through their online store!

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