Goodie Bags/Supporting Memberships

What's in the bag? A few of you have asked what you get with a supporting membership. As per our FAQ, we're not telling just yet - it's a surprise! Well, we actually don't fully know ourselves at this point. But you can expect a T-shirt and a number of other great items (at least 5-6 other items).

Here's what the supporting memberships included in past years - rest assured that this year's package will be as good or better! We hope this gives you a better idea of what supporting memberships are. Please note that supporting memberships are critical to making the convention happen - thank you for your support. If you'd like to purchase one, head on over to the Online Store!

In 2012, the goodie bags included:

  • RCW 139: From A Million Miles T-shirt
  • RCW 139: From A Million Miles fabric bag
  • RCW 139: From A Million Miles program
  • Set of 14 "The Music of Due South" trading cards
  • A packet of Inuit tea
  • RCW 139: From A Million Miles pen/highlighter combination
  • RCW 139 keychain
  • Mark Smithbauer hockey card
  • Wolf license
  • Set of 2 RCW 139 fridge magnets

In 2010, we had:

  • RCW 139: Duesers' Day Off T-shirt
  • RCW 139: Duesers' Day Off fabric bag
  • Set of 14 "Due South Episodes" trading cards
  • Postcard inspired by "Burning Down The House"
  • RCW 139: Duesers' Day Off program
  • Trojan Horse DVD
  • Compass
  • RCW 139: Duesers' Day Off Pen
  • Pin
  • "Smoking Kills" matchbook
  • Autographed picture of Paul Gross in Gunless

You can see a picture below - click to zoom in!

In 2008, the bags included:

  • RCW 139: Toronto Holiday T-shirt
  • Plastic bag
  • RCW 139: Toronto Holiday program
  • Set of 14 "Due South Characters" trading cards
  • Box of Milk Duds
  • RCW 139: Toronto Holiday pen
  • RCW 139: Toronto Holiday keylight
  • Compass/carabiner combination
  • Personally autographed picture of Paul Gross in Passchendaele

Pictures are shown below - of everything except the Paul Gross picture.

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