Charity Auction

Some of you may wonder what happened to the money raised at the charity auction. Well, the money was distributed equally between three charities: Autism Speaks Canada, The Touchstone Youth Centre, and the Lakeland Humane Society. We had originally planned to support the Toronto Humane Society, but had some difficulties in arranging to get them the money and therefore in the same spirit, we supported a local humane society. Tom Melissis himself presented the cheque to the Touchstone Youth Centre in January, a  presentation which was attended by Mr. Joseph Talavera on behalf of RCW 139. I’ll let Joseph describe what it was like:

"Sorry it's taken me so long to get this to you. I hope it's not too late to get this on the website. I know it's important that people see where their support has gone and the difference it's making in lives of youth in need.

The organizers' hard work and the attendees' generosity combined to make RCW a tremendous success. It was a privilege for me to represent both groups at the cheque presentation to Touchstone Youth Centre, the charity selected by Tom Melissis.

Tom and I drove together to Touchstone together. During the ride, we talked about the last time we were together for this identical purpose. The year was 1998. I think Tom's continued support of this charity, over  10 years later, speaks not only to Tom's character, but also the amazing work that Touchstone does.

We met with Susette Clunis, the agency's Executive Director; Rick Farmer, the Chairman of the Board; and two other Touchstone employees. They were all very grateful for the donation.

Next was a tour of the facility, which, for me, was the highlight of the event and the part I really want people to be aware of:  because of the tour, I can tell everyone who contributed where their money is going.

  • Their money is going to help maintain the basic accommodation that Touchstone provides for our youth, keeping them off the streets.

  • Their money is going to help repair the floor of the kitchen that offers nourishing meals to these youth. At present, there are areas of the kitchen that people are wary of standing in, because of the current flooring materials are breaking down.

  • Their money is going to help provide hot breakfasts, something that many of us take for granted, but that Touchstone started only a few months ago.

  • Their money is going to help sustain the stores of household items that Touchstone uses to outfit youth that have "graduated" from the shelter to independent living. It's such a battle to save for first-and-last month's rent. Touchstone eases the transition by equipping people with the basics like dishes and pots & pans.

It was a tremendously rewarding return to Touchstone. For me personally, it was an honour to represent everyone who contributed to the donation, and also to be a representative of the giving and generosity that Due South, and RCW in particular, inspires.

Thank you for that opportunity. "Thank you" to Tom for keeping Touchstone on our radar. And a very BIG "Thank you!" to everyone that made the donation possible."

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