A Brief History of RCW 139

1996. Members of the Due South mailing list decide to organize a get-together of Due South fans. A committee of volunteers is formed to run the event, which is called RCW 139, after a recurring license plate seen in numerous episodes. Over 100 fans from all over the world show up for this “small” get-together, held in Toronto from August 15-18. Official convention events include a scavenger hunt, auction, and a gala dinner... but the heart of RCW 139 lies in the unofficial and often spontaneous gatherings of fans (often first meeting each other) visiting filming locations, sharing lunch over animated discussions, or viewing episodes long into the evenings.

The convention is only just over that plans are already being made for an even bigger event for 1997: RCW 139 - Due It Again! Nearly 200 Due South fans descend on the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Toronto for the 1997 convention, which is held alongside the Friends of Due South day – a celebration of the return of Due South to television. The convention features numerous events, including guest appearances by Tony Craig, Tom Melissis, and Camilla Scott.

The convention committee pulls out all the stops for 1998. 300 duesers show up for an unforgettable 4 days of RCW 139: A Cop, A Mountie, and A Convention, featuring Due South trivia, a Kit-Kat tasting contest, various fan-led panels, a production panel, gala dinner, and charity auction. Oh, and did we mention guest panels by David Marciano and Gordon Pinsent? And of course, friends reuniting, or meeting each other for the first time, sharing in the magic of Due South.

It would be hard to top 1998, but planning for 1999 starts in earnest for RCW 139: Ride Forever. Once again held at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Toronto, the 1999 convention revisits many of the successful events from past years: the Meet and Greet, production panel, auction, and gala dinner. Guests include Draco, Tom Melissis, Ramona Milano, Catherine Bruhier… and none other than Paul Gross, who makes a surprise appearance on the Sunday morning! And of course, RCW 139 wouldn’t be RCW 139 without the impromptu late night dinners, episode-watching, and room parties!

We’re looking for pictures and stories from RCW conventions, particularly from 1996 and 1997! Please submit yours to info@rcw139.org.

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