Rest assured that we will invite as many cast and crew as possible! Please note that guest attendance is subject to work commitments, and may change at any time - including at the very last minute. No refunds will be given due to changes in the availability of guests.

The following invited guests are confirmed:

Jay Semko (Music)

Lisa Jakub (Christina, "Chicago Holiday")

Tom Melissis (Dewey)

Ramona Milano (Francesca Vecchio)

David Marciano (Ray Vecchio)

Catherine Bruhier (Elaine)

Michael Bowman (Assistant Director)

Alex Kavanagh (Costume Set Supervisor/Wardrobe Mistress)

Terry Russel (RCMP)

Craig Williams (Prop Master)

The following invited guests have indicated that they are interested in attending, subject to their availability and commitments:


Jeff King (Executive Producer)


Jim Bracchitta (Zuko)

Tony Craig (Huey)

Paul Gross (Fraser)

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