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What will RCW 139 look like in 2019? Originally, we expected it to be significantly different than for past RCW 139 conventions - a reunion as opposed to a convention this time around. However, we are now expecting something closer to past conventions, with a central location/host hotel. That said, we will still likely spend more time out of the hotel than during past events, with fewer structured events. Expect to have more time than in past years for your own reunions and meet-ups! We will post more details as soon as we're able to do so, but here are some of the activities you might see return for 2019:

  • The Distillery District - The Distillery District is a beautiful area of Toronto. Many Due South episodes were filmed there, including parts of The Blue Line, Bird in the Hand, Victoria's Secret, and Gift of the Wheelman. Perhaps another visit is in order?

  • Breakfast at the Patrician Grill - By having the convention in July, it's now very likely that the Patrician Grill will be open as Terry normally closes down the place in August for their holiday break. That, of course, means that we'll head to the Grill for breakfast as a group!

  • Gala Dinner - Yes we will have the ninth RCW 139 gala dinner! A formal dinner in a special setting, with some special people. This will include the 5th RCW 139 group picture! Always a good time and you never know what can happen - just think back to the mischief of 2008 with David and Catherine, Ramona and Tom's "kids" in 2010, and the Due South crew DVD with Michael Bowman in 2012!

  • Due South Jeopardy! IV- Due South Jeopardy! was one of the simplest yet most fun events of the 2010, 2012, and 2014 conventions. Definitely returning for 2019!

  • Due South Episode Viewing - Yes, we will do this again. It was unforgettable to watch some of our favourite Due South episodes on the big screen, in the company of other Duesers.

  • Kitkat Tasting Contest - A tradition from previous RCWs. Who doesn't like chocolate anyways?

  • Guest Panels - We're inviting guests again this year!  Too early to tell who might show up...

Have suggestions for other events? Want to help run these events? Send an e-mail to info@rcw139.org! Please note, once again, that the events and the schedule may change based upon availability and commitments.

Naturally, just as important as the official events are the unscheduled, impromptu gatherings, room parties, dinners, and meetings with new or old friends... particularly since this is a Reunion event!

Schedule for RCW 139: You Must Remember This

Thursday 25 July

Day 0 (Early Arrivals)

1700-2000: Distillery District tour and dinner

Friday 26 July

Day 1

1000-1200: Registration

1200-1230: Opening

1230-1430: Due South Carnival and Kitkat Tasting

1500-1700: Due South Cinema

1800-2000: Games

2000-2100: Living in Labrador - A Year in the Canadian North

Saturday 27 July

Day 2

0900-1100: Breakfast at the Patrician Grill

1330-1700: Guest Panels

1830-2200: Gala Dinner

Sunday 28 July

Day 3

0900-1100: Guided (walking) Tour of Filming Locations

1330-1530: Guest Panels

1530-1630: Charity Auction

1630-1700: Closing

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