Getting Around Toronto

Travel within the City of Toronto is well-managed as a result of the extensive system of bus, streetcar and subway lines that crisscross the city. Operated by the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission), public transit services are a clean and efficient way of getting to where you want to go. Street-level and subway lines are linked, meaning a simple transfer pass allows riders to utilize multiple modes of transportation on one fare.

For those making a number of trips on the TTC, tokens may be purchased to minimize costs. Also available at subway stations is the Day Pass, granting unlimited travel on the TTC system, for single adults (on weekdays) or two adults (with up to four children) on weekends.

Taxis are also available from a number of companies operating within the city. Fares are determined by a metered rate that is based upon mileage.

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC):

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