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Many thought that RCW 139: Duesers' Day Off couldn't be any better than RCW 139: Toronto Holiday in 2008. Well, we were happy to prove you wrong, and we think we did it again in 2012. For 2014, we're as always hoping to bring in some new events and new content - and hopefully, new guests and new attendees. We also need your help to come up with new and innovative events - so don't hesitate to get in touch! This page will be updated as the convention approaches and event details get finalized. Here's some of what you can expect:

  • The Distillery District - The Distillery District is a beautiful area of Toronto. Many Due South episodes were filmed there, including parts of The Blue Line, Bird in the Hand, Victoria's Secret, and Gift of the Wheelman. We think we're going to do something in the Distillery District once again. Dinner as in past years? Maybe... but maybe we'll also add a twist to it. Stay tuned!

  • Meet and Greet - The first formal get-together of the convention, yummy snacks and drinks will be provided. Similar to last year, we're also hoping to have attendance by some of the guests. We're going to try and outdo last year's great buffet of fresh items. Separately ticketed event.

  • Gala Dinner - The eighth RCW 139 gala dinner! A formal dinner in a special setting, with some special people. This will include the 4th RCW 139 group picture! Always a good time and you never know what can happen - just think back to the mischief of 2008 with David and Catherine, Ramona and Tom's "kids" in 2010, and the Due South crew DVD with Michael Bowman in 2012! Separately ticketed event.

  • '71 Riviera - We've made contact with a certain Robert Fraser (it's fate!) and he's coming by with his '71 Buick Riviera for our enjoyment! The closest most of us will come to Ray's car!

  • Bus Tour of Filming Locations - By request. This will take place on the Saturday morning. We will aim for quality instead of quantity, stopping at locations to allow you the chance to take pictures. At the conclusion of the tour, the bus will drop you off either at the Patrician Grill (so you can have breakfast at this most famous of diners!) or at the Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville hotel, for those who would prefer to come back. Note that the tour will start early (approximately 8 AM) in order to ensure you can do both the tour and breakfast at the Patrician Grill, if you so choose!

  • Due South Jeopardy! III - Due South Jeopardy! was one of the simplest yet most fun events of the 2010 and 2012 conventions. Guess what? It's coming back for 2014!

  • Due South Episode Viewing - Yes, we will do this again. It was unforgettable to watch some of our favourite Due South episodes on the big screen, in the company of other Duesers.

  • Kitkat Tasting Contest - A tradition from previous RCWs. Who doesn't like chocolate anyways?

  • Guest Panels - We're inviting guests again this year!  Too early to tell who might show up...

  • Charity Auction - The charity auctions from 2008, 2010, and 2012 raised over $10200 for six extremely worthy causes. Some great items were auctioned off, including autographed scripts, Ramona Milano's cast jacket, and some very rare pictures. Expect even more awesome stuff this year, and more great causes to support.

Have suggestions for other events? Want to help run these events? Send an e-mail to info@rcw139.org! Please note, once again, that the events and the schedule may change based upon availability and commitments.

Naturally, just as important as the official events are the unscheduled, impromptu gatherings, room parties, dinners, and meetings with new or old friends...

Schedule for RCW 139: Thank You Kindly

Day 0 (Thursday August 14th)

5:30 PM: Dinner and tour of the Distillery District

Day 1 (Friday August 15th)

10 AM-12 noon: Registration

12 PM-5:30 PM: Afternoon session

5:30-7:30 PM: Meet & Greet

7:30 PM+: Jay Semko night

Day 2 (Saturday August 16th)

8 AM - 11:00 AM: Bus tour of filming locations

10:30 AM-12:30 PM: '71 Riviera

12:30 - 5:30 PM: Afternoon session

7 PM - 11 PM: Gala Dinner

Day 3 (Sunday August 17th)


RCMP Veterans' Association Canteen

Once again this year, we are hoping to have the RCMP Veterans' Association Canteen on site. The 'Canteen' offer you specially chosen memorabilia of Canada's famous Mounties. All items are approved by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police through the Mounted Police Foundation. Customers worldwide acclaim this merchandise collection for its high quality, reasonable pricing, and most importantly Canadian-design. Royalty from each item has already been collected by the Mounted Police Foundation and used across Canada in such activities as Drug Awareness Programs, 'Say No to Drugs, and Community Youth Development.

The Due South Trading Post

We've confirmed that we'll see the Due South Trading Post again. In past years, merchandise at the Trading Post has included Due South CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, jackets, souvenirs, and some exclusive items made just for RCW 139. Expect more great goodies this year again!

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