Saddle Up My Travelling Shoes Photo Contest

We're doing it again! The second Due South photo contest. It's very simple: send us a picture of YOU holding an identifiable Due South-related item (we suggest a DVD set or soundtrack, but it could be anything!) in an interesting or unusual, but also identifiable location. Or perhaps with someone famous... or funny! Planning to visit the south pole? The Eiffel tower? Or maybe you're attending an event with the Queen or the President? Bring your Due South item, get someone to take a picture of you with it, and then send it to us at 

Pictures will be shown at the convention, and prizes will be awarded for the best entries! Last year's entries included Due South at Cape Canaveral, Walt Disney World, the RCMP musical ride, and our winner - at the New South Wales Mounted Police stables. This year, we're hoping for even more out-of-the-way and creative entries. Note that this is open to both attendees and supporting members!

Contest rules:

  • Your face and the Due South item must be clearly visible
  • The Due South item must be an actual commercial item (not something homemade) and have a Due South logo
  • The location or event must be identifiable from the picture
  • All pictures must be suitable for public viewing
  • Pictures must be in .JPG format, minimum resolution of 2 megapixels
  • Pictures can be submitted by e-mail to or by sending us a link to the same e-mail address
  • You do not have to attend the convention to submit a picture - that said, only supporting or attending members can win a prize
  • Multiple entries per person are acceptable
  • Prizes will be announced at a later date

For a bit of inspiration, here is last year's winning entry, courtesty of Malcolm Ellis and Erin O'Neill:

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