What's in the bag? A few of you have asked what you get with a supporting membership. As per our FAQ, we're not telling just yet! Well, we actually don't know ourselves at this point. But you can expect a T-shirt and a number of other great items. But here's what the goodie bags included in 2010:

  • RCW 139: Duesers' Day Off T-shirt
  • RCW 139: Duesers' Day Off fabric bag
  • Set of 14 episode trading cards
  • Postcard inspired by "Burning Down The House"
  • RCW 139: Duesers' Day Off program
  • Trojan Horse DVD
  • Compass
  • Pen
  • Pin
  • "Smoking Kills" matchbook
  • Autographed picture of Paul Gross in Gunless

You can see a picture below - click to zoom in. Expect that the 2012 goodie bag will be as good or better than 2010! And if you're interested in seeing what we had in 2008, head over to the RCW 139: 2008 -> Support RCW page.

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