The Scavenger Hunt

To register a team for the Scavenger Hunt, please e-mail with your team name and the name of your team members!

The Aim:

The goal of the scavenger hunt is to collect (create?) as many items as possible from the list of items included below. Find these items and bring them to Toronto (or find them in Toronto...?), and at the appropriate time, put them on display for our jury (which may include at least one of our very special guests), who will determine the winners. It's that simple... or is it? This year's scavenger hunt takes on a different twist than previous years... the list is shorter, much shorter... but does it mean it's easier? Good hunting!

The Rules:

  • Contestants may enter as individuals or as a team (please register in advance by e-mailing your team name and the name of your team members to
  • Maximum of four people per team
  • The jury will award points for authenticity, creativity, originality, and effort
  • The jury reserves the right to award honourable mentions
  • Please address any questions to

Your challenge is to gather the following 12 items:

1. Pizzas and promises

2. A hawk and a handsaw

3. An eye for an eye

4. The deal

5. An invitation to romance

6. A bird in the hand

7. One good man

8. All the queen's horses

9. Strange bedfellows

10. A mountie on the bounty

11. Easy money

12. A likely story

Do these items sound familiar? No problem, right? Please do not harm any animals or humans in gathering your items!

For those of you who would like to participate in the hunt but don't have a team - we suggest heading over to our Facebook page and posting a message! What a great way to meet other Duesers!

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