The following guests will be invited to RCW 139: From A Million Miles. The page will be updated regularly as RSVPs are returned. Please note that guest attendance is subject to work commitments, and may change at any time - including at the very last minute. No refunds will be given due to changes in the availability of guests.




Jim Bracchitta, Frankie Zuko, "The Deal" and "Juliet is Bleeding"


Would love to come, but it will depend on his schedule

Catherine Bruhier, Elaine Besbriss


Would love to come if it works out

Robert Carney, Writer

Brent Carver, Bruce Spender, "I Coulda Been a Defendant"

Tony Craig, Detective Jack Huey

Malcolm Cross, Director of Photography

Steve DiMarco, Director

Paul Gross, Constable Benton Fraser/Executive Producer


Had a great time in 2010 and would like to be there again schedule permitting

Paul Haggis, Creator/Executive Producer


Will be in Europe working on his next film

Daniel Kash, Detective Louis Gardino

David Keeley, Earl, "Mountie Sings The Blues"


Will depend on his schedule

Jeff King, Executive Producer


Interested in joining us if he can work it out in his schedule

John Krizanc, Writer

Sandra Kybartas, Production Designer

Julie Lacey, Story Editor

Jack Lenz, Music

David Marciano, Detective Ray Vecchio


Would love to see everyone again

Tom Melissis, Detective Thomas Dewey


Very interested in joining us for the sixth time!

Ramona Milano, Francesca Vecchio


Had a great time in 2010 - all depends on schedule

Gordon Pinsent, Sergeant Robert Fraser

Ken Quinn, Stunt Coordinator

Callum Keith Rennie, Detetctive Stanley Ray Kowalski

Michael Riley, Walter, "Hawk and A Handsaw"

Kevin Rushton, Stuntman


Would love to be there and make up for missing 2010!

Camilla Scott, Inspector Meg Thatcher

Jay Semko, Music


Kathy Slevin, Executive Producer

Beau Starr, Lieutenant Harding Welsh

David Warry-Smith, Director

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