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  • RCW 139 is sold out of attending memberships! If you do not have a ticket but are interested in attending, e-mail us at to get on first-come first-serve waiting list in case of cancellations. Otherwise, head over to the Online Store as there are lots of supporting memberships still available!
  • Our block booking at the Marriott is full, but the hotel has put aside a few more rooms. To reserve your room at an excellent price, go to The Venue page. Hurry up!
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Latest News

17 April 2014

Please note that officially, there are no more rooms left at the Marriott under our block booking. However, the hotel has agreed to set aside a few more rooms for anyone who hasn't booked yet. If that's the case, please hurry up to make sure you don't miss out! It's first-come, first-serve! It should be a great time with so many people staying on site!

16 April 2014

All right everyone! Just about four months to go until the start of RCW 139: Thank You Kindly and things are going to pick up speed quickly! As usual, we don't expect to have a good idea of guest schedules until much closer to August, but rest assured that we've been in touch with a very wide variety of crew and cast members.

What can you do to help? If you haven't done so yet, please pay your deposit balance as soon as you can. As well, if you've been meaning to purchase a supporting membership, now is the time, as we need to finalize numbers for goodie bag items. Supporting memberships are a fantastic and inexpensive way to show your support for the convention if you can't attend! Thank you kindly!

15 March 2014

Good afternoon Duesers! Can you believe it is already mid-March? RCW 139 starts exactly five months from now! Your organizing committee is currently working on events and guest confirmations. Meanwhile, we ask you to please continue paying your deposit balances and for those who can't attend, we encourage you to purchase a supporting membership! Supporters are an incredibly important part of the convention, and memberships are very reasonably priced at $50 + shipping. The final deadline for purchasing supporting memberships and for the payment of attending membership balances is 31 May - but earlier is always better for our planning purposes.

A few more updates:

  • There are only two rooms left in our block booking at the Marriott, so hurry up if you're planning on staying there!
  • There are only five tickets left for the bus tour of filming locations

9 February 2014

Hello Duesers and happy February! It's the middle of winter here in Canada, and given the cold, snowy winter we've had - we're all thinking about summer! RCW 139 starts just over six months from now!

A reminder that we still have lots of supporting memberships available, so don't hesitate to pick yours up through our online store! As for attending memberships, we're sold out, but we've already had a few cancellations and people on the waiting list have been getting tickets - so there's still a chance to attend. Just send us an e-mail at to get on the waiting list!

17 January 2014

Please note that you can find all a ton of info on what supporting memberships include on our Goodie Bags page. While we're not telling what will be included in this year's bags, we tell you and show you exactly what was included in the bags in past conventions. Expect something just as good this year! Thank you for supporting RCW 139 - supporting memberships and supporting members are crucial to making the convention happen!

Pictures from RCW 139: From A Million Miles

Check out our awesome picture album - all pictures courtesy of Malcolm Ellis.

What is RCW 139?

Named after a recurring license plate seen on Due South, RCW 139 is a convention organized by fans of the show for fans of the show. The first RCW 139 convention was held in 1996. Six more conventions have been held since then, the latest in 2012, called RCW 139: From A Million Miles. For many years, RCW 139 has been the world's only Due South convention!

What makes RCW 139 so special is that is as much (if not more!) about people as it is about Due South. Every convention is different. Countless friendships have been made and renewed through RCW 139 - friendships that last a lifetime. Due South brings us together, but it doesn't take long to find that we have so much more in common than just our love for a TV show.

If you've never been, we think you'll find it hard to believe just how many close friends attendees make over three days (or more!):

And if you've been before, then you already know it's not to be missed!

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